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It's Time to Break up with Your Dark Underarms Now

Yes, you heard it right. Time has come to break up with your dark underarms right now, and we are ready to be blamed for the reason for this parting. So now just wear sleeveless dresses with confidence to expose your bare arms. Presenting you the easiest and sure shot ways to get rid of dark underarms permanently.

Let's take a look at these awesomely safe, comfortable, natural and affordable tips:

An Apple a day keeps Dark Underarms away: Yes, Apple can kill the germs and bacteria with its AHA if you apply it into your armpits by mashing it.

Saffrons adds not only flavour but also a favor-Applying it after mixing its pinch with ample lotion can lighten your underarms and also smash the odour away.

Lemons do bleaching too- Just rub it over and leave it there for 10 minutes and it will do its job. It can be a little bit irritation to the sensitive skin due to its acidic properties so do not forget to put some moisturising lotion to the area. It also helps in preventing odour.

Potatoes indeed have a potent-This simple veggie with mild acidic properties can help you get rid of dark underarms at home at a reasonable expense. You need to rub a thin slice of potato onto the affected area and leave it until it dries, which generally would take 15 minutes. Wash it off and get the lighter skin without any skin irritation.

Coconut oil solving your turmoil-A little bit slow but proven to be effective remedy offers you the natural solution for your dark underarms. Keep massaging this oil to your underarms for about 15 minutes before taking a shower and continue the process for some days.

Cucumber is the fruit to remember-Juice of cucumber is a magical thing you can apply to your dark underarms. Leave it there for some minutes and then wash it off. Ultimately it will give you the lighter skin.

Milk for arms as white as milk- Milk is a mighty agent useful for skin lightening and brightening purpose. Just apply it with soaked cotton and let it rest there for about 15 minutes.

Note-Avoid shaving, using hair removal creams with chemicals and alcohol based deodorants if you don't want your underarms to be dark again.

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