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5 things every man needs to know today

Image Resource: menshealth.co.uk

 A cyclist has got a six-year ban for using a motor bike

Belgian rider Femke van den Driessche has been suspended for six years after she was caught using a bike with a hidden motor at January's Cyclo-cross World Championships. Why? Because Lance Armstrong hadn’t done enough to damage the sport. Check out the full story here.

 More sex equals a better relationship (Psychological Science)

That’s right, they actually had to do a study to prove this. Scientists from Florida State University analysed 216 newlyweds and found a strong correlation between the amount of sex couples had and how happy they were. But can you ever have too much action between the sheets? We found out.

 Eat apples with berries to beat cancer (Journal of Nutrition)

The science is simple: combine the antioxidant ellagic acid (found in raspberries) with the antitoxin quercetin (found in apples) and you’ve got a chemical that could kill cancer cells. That’s just another tip to palm off the big C from your plate.

Bed bugs are most drawn to red sheets (Journal of Medical Entomology)

Here’s something that might prompt you to change your duvet cover: a new study has found that bed bugs – small blood sucking insects that can live in your bed – have a preference for certain colours. Turns out they’re more likely to make base on red bedding, closely followed by black. And if you don’t want to invest in new sheets then just make sure you wash them right.

Watch: what happens when you leave a burger for 14 years

Ever wondered what would happen if you kept a Big Mac in a tin for over a decade? Us neither. But one man from Utah did just that. Why? Because he discovered the burger in a coat pocket weeks after he brought it. As you do.

Here’s the really weird part: it's hardly aged.

Reaource: 5 things every man needs to know today

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