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Essential Beauty Tips For Working Women

Facial appearance is considered highly important to each and every individual, especially for the ones who work and come across various people from different walks of life. A lot matters when you look energised and fresh.  A working woman needs to keep a balance between her work and home, in the middle of all the responsibilities and chores she does she tends to forget to take out time for herself. The ideal skin regime for a working woman to follow needs to be simple and easy to keep a healthy glowing skin since her schedule is such that be it for oily or dry, her skin is prone to many problems like acne, dryness, extensive blackheads and more due to being exposed to  pollution and dust. Here are top three tips that are going to add beauty and charm to a working woman’s face:

Follow S.M.C Schedule

Photo-aging is a term coined for skin damage that is caused due to exposure of harmful UV rays that dull the skin and make the skin appear older much before time. The special S.M.C schedule consists of Sunscreen, Moisturizer and Cleanser. Start the day by applying sunscreen on body parts that are prone to get exposed to direct sunlight including your face at least 30 minutes before stepping out of the house. While at work chances are that the air-conditioning is on which results in stealing the moisture from the skin, you end up getting a dry and flaky skin. To avoid such issues, moisturize your skin with a mixture by blending equal portions of apricot essential oil, jojoba essential oil and water. This will nourish your skin within minutes. Once you get back home, use a cleanser with a cotton swab so that all the dust and dirt stuck to your face gets removed opening up the pores to breathe and leaving your skin refreshed.

Make- Up Wonders

Applying just about any make-up items that you can get your hands on is a wrong practice especially when you would have it on for hours at a stretch.  The best make up article that a working woman should always keep handy is a good compact that unlike water based foundations will not make the skin dry, rather a compact will give a fresher look and lessen the glossy sheen that forms on the face.
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Hydrate Well

Working women do need to keep in mind that their skin is well hydrated as water is the best way to keep up with the unhealthy sleep pattern, long stretch of work hours and exhaustive lifestyle. Water constantly flushes out all toxins and keeps the skin healthy and curbs acne to a great extent as well. A good diet that includes vegetables and fruits is also a must to nourish and enrich the body as a working woman spend most of the time working and getting back to manage home affairs, her diet needs to be healthy and if not it is bound to show on her skin first and affect her health overall. All with hydrating body with good amount of water and the consumption of a balanced diet, a working woman needs to sleep well and keep a healthy sleep cycle so that skin issues like dark circles, spots and blemishes do not appear.

Resource: Essential Beauty Tips For Working Women
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