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Holiday healthy eating tips from St. Anthony Regional Hospital

In the lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas you may have forgotten how stuffed you felt during that last big family meal. So how can you better avoid the bulge at Christmas? St. Anthony Regional Hospital has some tips on how you can avoid those extra holiday pounds while still being able to enjoy your favorite holiday dishes.

First, don’t skip meals – especially before a party. Never go in “starving” as you’ll be more likely to overeat. If dining buffet-style check out all your options first and then only dish up what you really want. Allow yourself just one trip through the line. Don’t count on others to bring healthy foods. Why not bring the fruits and veggies yourself? Watch your beverage choices; egg nog, apple cider, and hot chocolate have calories can really add up.

Eat slowly, savor every bite, and allow yourself 10 minutes from when you’ve finished your meal to see if you’re still hungry before loading up on seconds. When you’re just as stuffed as the turkey distribute treats and uneaten food among guests, give away baked goods to neighbors, and after dinner get some physical activity. (Rolling around in misery doesn’t count.) Head outdoors for a game of football or simply take a walk. For more health tips or to learn more about services at St. Anthony Hospital visit their website at www.stanthonyhospital.org.

Resources: Holiday healthy eating tips from St. Anthony Regional Hospital
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